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Photographer AJ Martens and blogger and former Miss wheelchair Fl 2010 Shannon Horne will bring a unique and informative guest to each episode of don't burn the day otherwise known as DBTD. The host of the show has not let the diagnosis of cerebral palsy slow them down from what it is they want to pursue and in this podcast, you will find out many of the ways that they have succeeded In life.
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May 31, 2020

In this episode I give my opinion on the images and protests across the country and share my view on how we could work together to solve some of these major issues that America has dealt with for years. Id like to hear your feedback you can send me a voicemail on if you are a DBTD listener please consider supporting my podcast by going to and subscribe for as low as $4/mo. I would greatly appreciate the support and you can also share your opinions on this important topic by going to our Facebook page  

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