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Photographer AJ Martens and blogger and former Miss wheelchair Fl 2010 Shannon Horne will bring a unique and informative guest to each episode of don't burn the day otherwise known as DBTD. The host of the show has not let the diagnosis of cerebral palsy slow them down from what it is they want to pursue and in this podcast, you will find out many of the ways that they have succeeded In life.
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Oct 31, 2020

Don't burn the day show notes   

The final days of the 2020 presidential elections are in full swing make sure you get your vote cast by Tuesday And if early voting is still available in your state I would highly recommend doing so very very quickly. I know this year has been a very strange year for many people but what have you learned over this past year but you didn't know previously and what would you still like to learn in the remaining months of 2020?

Book review actor Matthew McConaughey has recently published a book entitled "Greenlights" Yes while the book does talk about McConaughey's time as a Hollywood leading actor the book is A playbook for life of sorts with jokes as well as Poems and short stories. Green lights can be purchased wherever you buy books.

another book that has the chance to read was by Judith Heumann entitled “Being Heumann” The book tells the story of her role in the passage of disability rights in the fight still goes on today. I would highly recommend both of these outstanding books purchase at your favorite book retailer or Audible. Happy Halloween from don't burn the day be sure to check out our Facebook page at We would like to see how you’re spending your Halloween.

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