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Photographer AJ Martens and blogger and former Miss wheelchair Fl 2010 Shannon Horne will bring a unique and informative guest to each episode of don't burn the day otherwise known as DBTD. The host of the show has not let the diagnosis of cerebral palsy slow them down from what it is they want to pursue and in this podcast, you will find out many of the ways that they have succeeded In life.
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Sep 29, 2021

Josh Smith from the Cerebral Palsy Conference joins AJ for part 2 of their interview discussing the upcoming Cerebral Palsy Conference topics include mind and body connection and parenting a child with cerebral palsy There is still time to register for this great conference  go to for all...

Sep 21, 2021

Shannon and A.J. are joined by Jessica Ducan former classmate of Shannon's reunites to talk about a bit of their high school history as well as Jessica's work now as curator of Fun 4 Tally Kids, a website that collects activities events, and family-related information for things to do around the Tallahassee Fl area...

Sep 16, 2021

in this episode, AJ sits down with award-winning photographer and speaker Jaleel King and talks about how he got started in photography and how other people with disabilities could find creative outlets through picking up a camera among other topics. Find out more about Jaleel at his website

Sep 13, 2021

in this episode, we sit down with the head of Green Mountain Support Services to talk about the upcoming Cerebral Palsy Conference taking place October 1-2. Join us for this informative conversation and you can find more information about the 6th annual Cerebral Palsy Conference by going to

Sep 10, 2021

Over the years of producing our show we have often been asked the same question "what Don't Burn The Day means to us" we hope to answer this and also touch on what it's like to be a social media influencer with a disability. In this episode we talk about a book event that happened this evening that you can go to our...